Pepsi. (Circa 1893)

Pepsi. (Circa 1893)

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🔵The Kola Nut, a common food flavoring found in Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, has its origins in West Africa. 🌍🛖🥜(the “Cola” in Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola). 


Last year Pepsi made $7.353 billion with a total asset of $78.55 billion. PepsiCo’s has 23 brands with over $1 billion in sales in the last 12 months. 


Those brands are:







•Sierra Mist


•Mountain Dew name a few.



🟤Black and brown people have been the backbone of western culture since the invention of dry cleaning clothes by Thomas L. Jennings in 1821. 


We, as a people, still struggle to speak our truth and LIVE OUR LIVES without being targeted for wearing a hoodie, laying in our own beds, buying cigarettes, or being pulled over for a simple traffic stop.


We get push-back. 

We get “told on”. 

We get shot. 


〰️ The world as we know it is changing, and we will continue to EVOLVE past those who only see us as the COLOR of our skin, and not as flesh and blood. 


〰️ We are artists, and athletes. Business owners, and teachers. Coaches, and college students. Inventors, and consumers. 🥤

Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters.〰️


We are Kings and Queens.



■ COLORS: Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black.

■ MEDIUM: Professional grade acrylic paints and mediums. Original canvas: Finished with a clear matte varnish to protect your painting from UV light, moisture and dust.

■ QUALITY: 100% Hand Painted and Created in my studio, San Antonio, Texas, Metro Area authentic, and personally signed. (Original)




    abstract expressionism 

    colors: blue, yellow, red, white