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Do you feel powerful?

16" x 20", Abstract Pour




Paint + Intention

Take a peak inside! Original Artworks not found anywhere else by Abstract Artist,



Luxe Interior

Zen up your home with these unique Artist-Designed interior goodies for your mind, body, and space.

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Design Your Wall

Create Your Way and On Your Budget. Awesome Artist-created Digital Prints for your home, business, and beyond!



Painting for me was like the cracking of an egg. 

It allowed me to express myself creatively through intuition and playfulness...

while also laying the foundations for something much bigger than myself.

As a Visual Artist, Interior Stylist, Solopreneur, Chocoholic and Spiritual Guide; my purpose is not only to be of service to myself, but to those in need of a proverbial SPARK!


Empowering Awakened Creatives as well as invaluable Purveyors of Fine Art - no matter where they are on their journey.


With Empathy, Uniqueness and a mad dash of Dragon Mentality. 



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San Antonio, TX 78230

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